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Queen Elizabeth II has died. The Queen was 96 years old when she died at her Scottish home. She had been Queen of the United Kingdom for 70 years. That’s longer than any other King or Queen in history and almost the longest for any country. King Louis XIV of France is the only Monarch to reign longer. He reigned for 72 years. People worldwide are very shocked at her death. The Queen had been the head of the UK for all of most British people’s lives. The change to a new King or Queen isn’t something most people in the UK have experienced.

Now that the Queen has died, the head of the UK is King Charles III. King Charles is the oldest person to become King or Queen in UK history. He automatically became King as soon as Queen Elizabeth died. There will be a ceremony for the new King in the future. The change of monarch is very big for the UK. King Charles is not as popular as Queen Elizabeth, and most people don’t know life without the Queen. The Queen’s face is on all UK money and stamps. The Queen is even on the money of other countries like Canada and Australia. Many companies and charities also use the Queen’s name in their work. They will need to change that to King Charles. Money and stamps in the UK will need to change to a picture of King Charles.

It has been so long since the UK changed King or Queen, that many people don’t know what happens now. It’s a very strange time for people in the UK. Governments, companies, and celebrities from around the world have been sending messages of support. Companies like Apple have dedicated their homepages to the Queen. The UK has now begun a time of mourning. Almost all events in the UK have been canceled, and even TV has been changed. Most channels are now not showing certain programmes or not showing advertisements. The mourning time will last for about 12 days.


Difficult words

Look up the definition for each of the difficult words below. Write the definition next to each word.

  1. Monarch –
  2. Automatically –
  3. Ceremony –
  4. Stamps –
  5. Mourning –

Next, create your own sentence for each of the difficult words above.






Write the Synonym!

Write a synonym for each of the difficult words below.

Word/Phrase  Write the Synonym
1. Monarch  
2. Automatically  
3. Ceremony  
4. Stamps  
5. Mourning  

Fact vs. Opinion

Write down a mixture of six facts and opinions from the story.







Unscramble the sentence!

Put each sentence in the correct order.

1. she / old / The / was / 96 / home / when / Queen / her / at / died / Scottish / years

2. years / been / Kingdom / the / of / had / United / 70 / Queen / for / She

3. in / history / is / oldest / or / King / Charles / King / become / UK / person / the / Queen / to

4. time / mourning / now / begun / of / has / UK / The / a

5. last / days / about / will / for / 12 / time / The / mourning

Conversation Questions

Take turns speaking with a partner or try to answer on your own:

1. Did you find this article interesting? Why or why not?
2. Did you learn anything new from this article? If so, what?
3. What do you think of this story?
4. How long do you think mourning should last?
5. What do you think about the worldwide response to the Queen’s death?
6. Does your country have a King or Queen?
7. Should there be Kings and Queens in 2022?
8. Was the Queen popular in your country?
9. Has your country ever had a national time of mourning for someone’s death?
10. What do you think about sports and other events being canceled?