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The Finnish Prime Minister is in trouble with some people in her country for partying. People are angry about videos and pictures that leaked which showed her dancing at a party. In the video, the Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, is dancing, and people can be seen drinking alcohol. Some people in Finland don’t think the Prime Minister should behave like this. They think she should be ready for work even during the night.

However, many other people have said they support the Prime Minister. They think she should be allowed to have fun after work. One German newspaper called her the “coolest Prime Minister in the world.” Some people who don’t like the partying asked the Prime Minister to take a drug test. They think she was taking drugs at the party.

The Prime Minister thinks the anger is silly. She says she is allowed to have fun in her time off. She also said that she knew she was on camera and that she was disappointed the video leaked. She said that she did not agree with the request for a drug test, but she took it anyway. The test results proved that she did not take any drugs.


Difficult words

Look up the definition for each of the difficult words below. Write the definition next to each word.

  1. Partying –
  2. Support –
  3. Silly –
  4. Disappointed –
  5. Leaked –

Next, create your own sentence for each of the difficult words above.






Write the Synonym!

Write a synonym for each of the difficult words below.

Word/Phrase Write the Synonym
1. Partying 
2. Support
3. Silly
4. Disappointed
5. Leaked 

Fact vs. Opinion

Write down three facts from the story and three opinions.







Unscramble the sentence!

Put each sentence in the correct order.

1. trouble Prime in is Finnish some The Minister people with

2. think she ready be for work They should

3. party the taking They think was she drugs at

4. anger is The silly thinks the Prime Minister

5. proved The not that she test take any results did drugs

Conversation Questions

Take turns speaking with a partner or try to answer on your own:

1. Did you find this article interesting? Why or why not?
2. Did you learn anything new from this article? If so, what?
3. What do you think of this story?
4. Which side of the argument do you agree with?
5. Do you think the Prime Minister should have taken the drug test?
6. Have politicians in your country had this type of problem before?
7. Should the Finnish media have shown the videos?
8. How much privacy should politicians get?
9. Is partying common for young people in your country?
10. What’s the opinion of drugs and alcohol use in your country?