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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

1. TournamentA. Supporter
2. SponsorB. Bring attention.
3. TrendC. Competition
4. AdvertisingD. Pay for a wrong action.
5. FineE. Popular action.


  1. Tournament = C. Competition
  2. Sponsor = A. Supporter
  3. Trend = E. Popular action.
  4. Advertising = B. Bring attention.
  5. Fine = D. Pay for a wrong action.

True or False?

1. Euro 2020 is a basketball tournament. False

2. The Euros are the most-watched football tournament in the world. False

3. Less than 500 million people watched the Euro 2016. True

4. Cristiano Ronaldo told people to drink water instead of Coca-cola. True

5. UEFA said removing drinks for religious reasons is okay. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The football tournament Euro2020 is happening

2. Some of the best footballers in the world are playing.

3. At the interviews, there are sponsor names.

4. He held up his water and told people to drink that.

5. They plan and host the Euros.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Happening
  2. Watched
  3. Sponsor
  4. Reasons
  5. Organiser
  6. Fined

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. SponsorA. Given attention.
 2. TrendB. Joke
 3. FeatureC. Despite
 4. JestD. Supporter
 5. RegardlessE. Popular


  1. Sponsor = D. Supporter
  2. Trend = E. Popular
  3. Feature = A. Given attention.
  4. Jest = B. Joke
  5. Regardless = C. Despite

True or False?

  1. The Euros is a famous baseball tournament. False

2. The Euros is not as popular as the Fifa World Cup. True

3. It is not common for football players to give interviews. False

4. Cristiano Ronaldo is a big supporter of Coca-cola. False

5. UEFA said players could be fined if they remove drinks from interviews. True

Unscramble the sentence!

  1. The Euros are the second most-watched football tournament.

2. At the interviews, there are sponsor names on the wall.

3. Pogba does not drink alcohol for religious reasons.

4. It also led the Russian manager to drink the Coca-Cola.

5. They say that removing the drinks breaks the contract.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Between
  2. Popularity
  3. Interviews
  4. Promoting
  5. Contact
  6. Removing

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. VastA. Organisation
2. SpectatorB. Extensive
3. SponsorC. Suggest
4. FederationD. Danger
5. PressE. Observer
6. ImplyingF. Joke
7. JestG. Mandatory
8. ContractualH. Media
9. JeopardyI. Patron


  1. Vast = B. Extensive
  2. Spectator = E. Observer
  3. Sponsor = I. Patron
  4. Federation = A. Organisation
  5. Press = H. Media
  6. Implying = C. Suggest
  7. Jest = F. Joke
  8. Contractual = G. Mandatory
  9. Jeopardy = D. Danger

True or False?

1. The Euros is the most popular football tournament in the world. False

2. More than 200 million people watched the Euro 2016 final. True

3. UEFA organises every World Cup.False

4. Football players do not need to follow the sponsorship agreements that their countries agree to. False

5. Press conferences are commonly held before and after football matches. True

6. Most viewers customarily watch football press conferences. False

7. Sponsored drinks are never featured in press conferences. False

8. Cristiano Ronaldo fervently supports drinking coca-cola. False

9. Drinking alcohol is not generally allowed in the Muslim religion. True

10. UEFA has said players cannot remove drinks under any circumstances. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The current Euro 2020 tournament is taking place one year late.

2. This year’s tournament is taking place across Europe.

3. The massive popularity of the Euros means it is one of the most sponsored events.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo went viral across social media when he got to his press conference.

5. Over the next few days, other players removed Coca-Cola in favour of water too.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Referred
  2. Consist
  3. Estimated
  4. Obligations
  5. Generally
  6. Interviewees
  7. Conference
  8. Sponsorships
  9. Ensure