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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

1. IncreaseA. Money
2. Previous B. Apart
3. Cryptocurrency  C. Secret person.
4. Separate D. Before
5. Anonymous  E. Rise


  1. Increase = E. Rise
  2. Previous = D. Before
  3. Cryptocurrency = A. Money
  4. Separate = B. Apart
  5. Anonymous C. Secret person.

True or False?

1. Bitcoin’s highest ever price was $6,500 for one coin. False

2. The price of Bitcoin changes a lot. True

3. Some people think Bitcoin will be the future money. True

4. Bitcoin is not connected to any country. True

5. Bitcoin was the second cryptocurrency ever. False

Unscramble the sentence!

  1. Bitcoin has hit its highest ever price.

2. One year ago, Bitcoin was only $6500.

3. It can be easy to transfer money.

4. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency.

5. Not all of them can be trusted.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Highest
  2. Unsure
  3. Completely
  4. Private
  5. Popular
  6. Easily

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Previous A. A country’s money.
 2. Cryptocurrency B. Unknown identity.
 3. CurrencyC. Before
 4. Anonymous D. Alone
 5. IndependentE. Digital money.


  1. Scout = D. Person searching.
  2. Merchandise = C. Things sold.
  3. Streaming = E. Watch online.
  4. Aspire = A. Dream
  5. Influencer = B. Famous online person.

True or False?

1. Bitcoin has hit its lowest ever price in 2021. False

2. Nobody thinks Bitcoin will be used in the future. False

3. Bitcoin is separate from any country or organisation. True

4. Bitcoin has to follow the same rules as every other currency. False

5. There are many different cryptocurrencies these days. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Bitcoin has hit record high prices.

2. The previous record for Bitcoin was set in 2018.

3. It doesn’t have to follow the same rules.

4. It can be easy to transfer money to different countries.

5. There are many uncertainties with cryptocurrencies.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Worth
  2. Unsure
  3. Separate
  4. Negative
  5. Inspired
  6. Confused

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. VolatilityA. Massive
2. DecentralisedB. Similar
3. AstronomicalC. Specialized
4. SpawnedD. Controlled by many.
5. NicheE. Weaken
6. LanguishF. Encouragement
7. AkinG. Accelerated
8. CatalystH. Unpredictable
9. MeteoricI. Birth


  1. Volatility = H. Unpredictable
  2. Decentralised = D. Controlled by many.
  3. Astronomical = A. Massive
  4. Spawned = I. Birth
  5. Niche = C. Specialized
  6. Languish = E. Weaken
  7. Akin = B. Similar
  8. Catalyst = F. Encouragement
  9. Meteroric = G. Accelerated

True or False?

1. Bitcoin’s value has been increasing on an almost weekly basis in 2021. True

2. The value of Bitcoin more than doubled from January to March 2021. True

3. In 2018, the value of Bitcoin never went below $19,000. False

4. Bitcoin is controlled by a select group of European countries. False

5. The first Bitcoin transaction took place when a programmer bought two pizzas.True

6. Many people are unsure if Bitcoin will be the future of money. True

7. Bitcoin can easily be traced, the same as other currencies in the world. False

8. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency in existence. False

9. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. True

10. Tesla has made a significant investment in Bitcoin. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. By March 13, one Bitcoin had crossed the $60,000 threshold.

2. The price of Bitcoin subsequently crashed over the next days.

3. In the beginning, Bitcoin was almost worthless as a currency.

4. The popularity of Bitcoin has spawned thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

5. Opinions are divided on the future of cryptocurrency.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Valuation
  2. Sceptical
  3. Enthusiasts
  4. Untraceable
  5. Establish
  6. Gambling
  7. Volatility
  8. Plummet
  9. Dramatic