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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

1.Professional A. Game against others.
 2. Competition B. Winning item.
 3. Prize C. Make money.
 4. Training D. Master
 5. Earn E. Practice


  1. Professional = D. Master
  2. Competition = A. Game against others.
  3. Prize = B. Winning item.
  4. Training = E. Practice
  5. Earn = C. Making money.

True or False?

1. Joseph Dean is an adult. False

2. Joseph is the youngest professional Fortnite gamer. True

3. Team 33 did not pay Joseph when he signed with them. False

4. Joesph is now able to compete for money. False

5. Team 33 want to make Youtube videos of Joseph’s training. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. He was signed by an esports team.

2. The team is called Team 33.

3. Team 33 say they want to help him get better.

4. Joseph wants to win the Fortnite World Cup.

5. Professional gaming is becoming more popular.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Youngest
  2. Compete
  3. Allowed
  4. Won
  5. Popular
  6. Dream

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Scout A. Dream
 2. Merchandise B. Famous online person.
 3. Streaming C. Things sold.
 4. Aspire D. Person searching.
 5. Influencer E. Watch online.


  1. Scout = D. Person searching.
  2. Merchandise = C. Things sold.
  3. Streaming = E. Watch online.
  4. Aspire = A. Dream
  5. Influencer = B. Famous online person.

True or False?

1. Joseph Deen was signed by a professional football team. False

2. Joseph is not a teenager. True

3. Team 33 has not given Joseph any money yet. False

4. Joseph was given a new gaming PC. True

5. The Fortnite World Cup has taken place every year for the last 5 years. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. He was signed by the esports team.

2. They signed him because he is so good.

3. He was paid $33,000 as a signing bonus.

4. Joseph is not allowed to compete for money.

5. Professional gaming is becoming more popular.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Signed
  2. Gaming
  3. Competitions
  4. Prize
  5. Millions
  6. Dreams

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. EsportsA. Sold goods.
2. HeadquartersB. Competition
3. ContemporariesC. Peers
4. TournamentD. Main office.
5. SceneE. Live video maker.
6. MerchandiseF. Faster than.
7. StreamerG. Area of interest.
8. InfluencerH. Competitive online video-gaming.
9. OutpacingI. Famous social media person.


  1. Esports = H. Competitive online video-gaming.
  2. Headquarters = D. Main office.
  3. Contemporaries = C. Peers
  4. Tournament = B. Competition
  5. Scene = G. Area of interest.
  6. Merchandise = A. Sold goods.
  7. Streamer = E. Live video maker.
  8. Influencer = I. Famous social media person.
  9. Outpacing = F. Faster than.

True or False?

1. Joseph Deen is a professional teenage gamer. False

2. Team 33 is waiting until Joseph is 13 to give him a signing bonus. False

3. The Team 33’s headquarters is based in California. True

4. Joseph has been playing Fortnite since before he was five-years-old. True

5. Joseph had never thought of being a professional gamer before Team 33 signed him. False

6. There has never been a younger professional Fortnite gamer before Joseph. True

7. Most of highest-earning Fortnite players are over 18. False

8. Professional Fortnite players can earn a lot of money. True

9. There have been several Fortnite World Cups since 2015. False

10. Team 33 will film YouTube videos of Joseph’s Fortnite training. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Joseph Deen has become the youngest professional Fortnite gamer ever.

2. Joseph has been signed by the professional esports team, Team 33.

3. Eight of the top 10 highest-earning Fortnite players are under 18.

4. Fortnite tournament rules require that competitors be at least 13-years-old.

5. They also want to release merchandise under his brand.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Professional
  2. Bonus
  3. Despite
  4. Esports
  5. Prize
  6. Improve
  7. Trend
  8. Rapid
  9. Previous