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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

1. Vaccine A. Type
2. Version B. Late
3. Struggling C. Give a shot.
4. Delay D. Shot
5. Vaccinate E. Difficulty


  1. Vaccine = D. Shot
  2. Version = A. Type
  3. Struggling = E. Difficulty
  4. Delay = B. Late
  5. Vaccinate = C. Give a shot.

True or False?

1. The world is still waiting for COVID-19 vaccines. False

2. Only 1 country has made a COVID-19 vaccine. False

3. There have been problems giving vaccines. True

4. All Asian countries are quickly giving the vaccine. False

5. The WHO is worried about poorer countries. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. There are different versions.

2. Some countries have had problems.

3. Leaders in Europe are angry.

4. This has made some people confused.

5. Most countries need vaccines.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Different
  2. Drug
  3. Ordered
  4. Confused
  5. Poorer
  6. Normal

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Logistics A. Late
 2. Dose B. Organisation
 3. Delay C. Document
 4. Contract D. Easily hurt.
 5. Vulnerable  E. Medicine amount.


  1. Logistics = B. Organisation
  2. Dose = E. Medicine amount.
  3. Delay = A. Late
  4. Contract =  C. Document
  5. Vulnerable = D. Easily hurt.

True or False?

1. Only one COVID-19 vaccine has been created. False

2. There have been problems with giving the vaccines. True

3. There haven’t been any delays delivering the vaccines. False

4. The vaccine companies say the delays are their fault. False

5. The WHO is worried about poorer countries getting the vaccines. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. There are different versions of the vaccines.

2. Some countries have had problems.

3. The vaccine companies say it is not their fault.

4. He says COVID-19 won’t go away.

5. He challenged the UN countries.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Developed
  2. Enough
  3. Ordered
  4. Confusion
  5. Poorer
  6. Start

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. RoadblockA. Homemade
2. LagB. Disastrous
3. TranspireC. Turn around.
4. ScratchD. Known
5. IncensedE. Ethical
6. U-turnF. Obstacle
7. FraughtG. Enrage
8. CatastrophicH. Filled
9. MoralI. Delay


  1. Roadblock = F. Obstacle
  2. Lag = I. Delay
  3. Transpire = D. Known
  4. Scratch = A. Homemade
  5. Incensed = G. Enrage
  6. U-turn = C. Turn around.
  7. Fraught = H. Filled
  8. Catastrophic = B. Disastrous
  9. Moral = E. Ethical

True or False?

1. Only one country has faced roadblocks in its vaccine distribution. False

2. The US was the first western country to begin vaccinating people. False

3. Donald Trump had no plan for vaccination distribution. True

4. President Biden’s administration had to start from scratch on a distribution plan. True

5. EU leaders have been very satisfied with the drug makers delivering the vaccines. False

6. The UK ordered their vaccines months ahead of the EU. True

7. The UK blocked all vaccines going to the EU. False

8. Relations are currently positive between the UK and EU. False

9. The WHO is concerned about poorer countries getting the vaccines. True

10. The UN has agreed to distribute vaccines evenly around the world. False

Unscramble the sentence!

  1. At the end of 2020, a variety of vaccines were approved.

2. They said they had to start from scratch.

3. President Biden also had to order 200 million more doses.

4. The representative said the EU hesitated in submitting their order.

5. The delays in Europe led to a minor crisis.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Distribution
  2. Approve
  3. Became
  4. Previous
  5. Locked
  6. Hesitated
  7. Attempt
  8. Arrangement
  9. Effectively