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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Climate A. Ruin
 2. Emergency B. Argue
 3. Destroy C. Weather
 4. Struggling D. A hard time.
 5. Debate E.  Dangerous situation.


  1. Climate = C. Weather
  2. Emergency = E. Dangerous situation.
  3. Destroy = A. Ruin
  4. Struggling = D. A hard time.
  5. Debate = B. Argue

True or False?

1.  There have been fires in every state of the US. False

2. The Governor of California said that the fires are not dangerous. False

3. The Governor says there is a climate emergency. True

4. Some people have died because of the fires. True

5. San Francisco and Portland have the best air in the world. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. There have been large fires.

2. These types of fires happen every year.

3. The fires have destroyed many homes.

4. Firefighters are struggling to stop the fires.

5. The fires are so big.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Large
  2. Climate
  3. Fires
  4. Worst
  5. Change
  6. Scientists

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Massive A. Weather
 2. Climate B. Guess
 3. Blame C. Condition
 4. Quality D. Large
 5. Predict E. Place fault.


  1. Massive = D. Large
  2. Climate = A. Weather
  3. Blame = E. Place fault.
  4. Quality = C. Condition
  5. Predict = B. Guess

True or False?

1. The are currently huge fires in the United Kingdom. False

2. The fires are mainly in 3 states. True

3. The fires are getting worse every year. True

4.  The Governor of California does not believe in climate change. False

5. No one has been killed from the fires. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. There have been massive fires.

2. The fires have mainly been in the states.

3. The fires seem to be getting worse.

4. The fires have destroyed many homes.

5. Firefighters have been struggling to control the fires.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Mainly
  2. Record
  3. Struggling
  4. Worst
  5. Debate
  6. Extreme

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. OutbreakA. Disagree
2. RagingB. Surprising
3. StartlingC. Merciless
4. ApocalypticD. Set fires.
5. Butt headsE. Eruption
6. UnsparingF. Burning
7. ArsonistG. To not accept.
8. DenialH. Continuing intensely
9. AblazeI. The end of the world.


  1. Outbreak = E. Eruption
  2. Raging = H. Continuing Intensely
  3. Startling = B. Surprising
  4. Apocalyptic = I. The end of the world.
  5. Butt heads = A. Disagree
  6. Unsparing = C. Merciless
  7. Arsonist = D. Set fires.
  8. Denial = G. To not accept.
  9. Ablaze = F. Burning

True or False?

1.  The Governor of California does not believe in climate change. False

2.  Recently, wildfires have been raging across the west coast of the United Kingdom. False

3. Wildfires are common occurrences every year on the western side of the U.S. True

4. Skies across California have been orange. True

5. The fires have never been bad enough to reach the east coast of the U.S.  False

6. Donald Trump believes the fires stem from poor forest management. True

7. Everyone in the U.S. government agrees with President Trump’s views. False

8. Joe Biden criticised Donald Trump’s views. True

9. Joe Biden is the 2020 Republican nominee. False

10. The wildfire emergency in the US has turned political. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Wildfires are common each year in California.

2. Governor Newsom took the opportunity to address the climate crisis.

3. The fires on the west coast have been so big.

4. Trump has also come under attack.

5. Biden blamed Trump’s neglect for the weather-related destruction.

Listening and Vocabulary

  1. Wildfires
  2. Record
  3. Climate
  4. Destroyed
  5. Media
  6. Vegetation
  7. Blamed
  8. Suburban
  9. Undoubtedly