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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. League  A. Through a computer.
 2. Audience  B. Camera
 3. Virtual  C. Sports group.
 4. Webcam  D. Difficult
 5. Struggle  E. People watching.


  1. League = C. Sports group.
  2. Audience = E. People watching.
  3. Virtual = A. Through a computer.
  4. Webcam = B. Camera
  5. Struggle = D. Difficult

True or False?

1. The NBA is a baseball league. False

2.  The NBA stopped playing games because of Covid-19. True

3. The season was finished when the NBA stopped playing. False

4. All of the new NBA games will be in Florida. True

5. People will be not able to go to the new NBA games. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. It is in the US.

2. The NBA has now made a plan.

3. The NBA has made many changes.

4. People can be shown in the seats.

5. Many sports have struggled.

Listening and Vocabulary

Watching Allowed Popular
Again Start Continue
  1. Popular
  2. Start
  3. Allowed
  4. Watching
  5. Continue
  6. Again


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Based  A. Stop
 2. Suspend  B. Through a computer.
 3. Zone  C. Late
 4. Virtual  D. Located
 5. Delay  E. Area


  1. Based = D. Located
  2. Suspend = A. Stop
  3. Zone = E. Area
  4. Virtual = B. Through a computer.
  5. Delay = C. Late

True or False?

1. The NBA is the National Baseball Association.  False

2.  The NBA had already competed their season when they stopped playing. False

3. No NBA players ever tested positive for COVID-19. False

4. The new NBA games will take place in Florida. True

5. All players and staff involved need to stay in the quarantine zone. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The NBA had to suspend their season in March.

2. The NBA has now made a plan to start playing.

3. Instead, there will be a virtual audience.

4. Fans will be shown in the stadiums.

5. Some sports cancelled their seasons completely.

Listening and Vocabulary

Popular Allowed Complete
Stadiums Together Struggled
  1. Popular
  2. Complete
  3. Allowed
  4. Together
  5. Struggled
  6. Stadiums


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Virtually A. Stop temporarily.
2. Suspend B. Last game.
3. Official C. Obtain
4. Procure D. Online
5. Mathematically E. Extra special.
6. Playoffs F. Authorised
7. Despite G. For a short time.
8. Temporarily H. Even though.
9. Exceptional I. Using math.


  1. Virtually = D. Online
  2. Suspend = A. Stop temporarily.
  3. Official = F. Authorised
  4. Procure = D. Obtain
  5. Mathematically = I. Using math.
  6. Playoffs = B. Last game.
  7. Despite = H. Even though.
  8. Temporarily = G. For a short time.
  9. Exceptional = E. Extra special.

True or False?

1.  Fans will be able to physically attend NBA games from July 30th. False

2. No NBA players ever tested positive for Covid-19. False

3. The teams will not be travelling across the country. True

4. The NBA games will take place in a different country which has fewer coronavirus cases.   False

5. Not all NBA teams will be allowed to play. True

6. Players and staff are allowed to leave the quarantine zone to visit family.  False

7. Many sports leagues have had trouble finishing their seasons.  True

8. Some countries are allowing fans to come back to the stadiums. True

9. Japan has filled stadiums with pictures of people.    False

10. Large screens will be put around the NBA stadium. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The season will continue in one location instead of teams travelling.

2. All NBA games will now be played at Disneyworld in Florida.

3. Some leagues cancelled the rest of their seasons completely.

4. The majority of major sports have been played without fans.

5.  The NBA’s solution is to have fans join a video call.

Listening and Vocabulary

Displayed Remaining Normally
Announced Experience Unable
Viewing Leagues Introduced
  1. Announced
  2. Unable
  3. Remaining
  4. Leagues
  5. Normally
  6. Introduced
  7. Displayed
  8. Experience
  9. Viewing