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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Social Media  A. Words
 2. Speech  B. Hurt others.
 3. Glorify  C. Website for talking.
 4. Violence  D. Fight with words.
 5. Argument  E. Make look good.


  1. Social Media = C. Webiste for talking.
  2. Speech = A. Words
  3. Glorify = E. Make look good.
  4. Violence = B. Hurt others.
  5. Argument = D. Flight with words.

True or False?

1. Social media companies are very popular. True

2. Hate speech has not been a problem online. False

3. Many people are angry at Twitter and Facebook. True

4. Twitter hid President Trump’s tweet. True

5. Famous people have not been getting banned. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. They are very popular around the world.

2. This has caused many people to be angry.

3. This started lots of arguments.

4. Many people were angry with Facebook.

5. Many people have been banned.

Listening and Vocabulary

Famous Beginning Giant
Banned Against Speech
  1. Giant
  2. Speech
  3. Against
  4. Beginning
  5. Banned
  6. Famous

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Platform  A. Make look great.
 2. Glorify  B. Steal
 3. Racists  C. Personal space.
 4. Looting  D. Communication area.
 5. Account  E. Discriminate


  1. Platform = D. Communication area.
  2. Glorify = A. Make look great.
  3. Racists = E. Discriminate
  4. Looting = B. Steal
  5. Account = C. Personal space.

True or False?

1. Not many people use social media every day. False

2. Hate speech is growing more common on social media. True

3. Twitter and Facebook are taking action against hate speech. True

4. President Trump has not tweeted about harming protesters. False

5. Facebook reacted right away to President Trump’s racist tweets. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. They are incredibly popular around the world.

2. This has caused many people to be angry.

3. Twitter and Facebook have now started to take action.

4. This started lots of arguments.

5. They recently removed a Trump ad.

Listening and Vocabulary

Incredibly Actions Hidden
Similar Caused Famous
  1. Incredibly
  2. Caused
  3. Hidden
  4. Similar
  5. Actions
  6. Famous

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Culling A. Prefer
2. Highlight B. Alter
3. Bias C. Hide
4.  Floodgate D. Reduce
5. Manipulate E. Uninvolved
6. Indignation F. Violate
7. Hands-off G. Anger
8. Breach H. Emphasise
9. Guise I. Dangerous door.


  1. Culling = D. Reduce
  2. Highlight = H. Emphasise
  3. Bias = A. Prefer
  4. Floodgate = I. Dangerous door.
  5. Manipulate = B. Alter
  6. Indignation = G. Anger
  7. Hands-off = E. Uninvolved
  8. Breach = F. Violate
  9. Guise = C. Hide

True or False?

1. Social media giants have recently taken a stance against hate speech on their platforms. True

2. Twitter has taken action against a tweet from many years ago. False

3. Twitter decided to completely delete the tweet so no one could view it. False

4. Twitter has never taken action against the US President’s tweets in the past. True

5. Some people have demanded President Trump be banned from Twitter. True

6. @SuspendThePres is an account which supports President Trump’s tweets. False

7. Although Twitter is hiding President Trump’s tweets for hate speech, they have not been fact-checking them. False

8. Mark Zuckerberg defended his decision to not take action against hate speech on Facebook. True

9. Facebook employees supported Zuckerberg’s decision to not block the president’s posts. False

10. Social media companies have long hidden their inaction behind the guise of free speech. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Both companies have had issues with hateful and sometimes violent speech.

2. In May, Twitter took action against US President Donald Trump.

3.  This is the first time that Twitter has taken action against the president.

4. Within a few days, the account had tweets removed.

5. Facebook was criticised for not taking action.

Listening and Vocabulary

Hateful Exact Violated
Platforms Administration Responsible
Service Monitor Incorrect
  1. Platforms
  2. Service
  3. Violated
  4. Exact
  5. Incorrect
  6. Monitor
  7. Administration
  8. Hateful
  9. Responsible