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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Replace  A. Writer
 2. Journalist  B. Smarts
 3. Artificial  C. Less
 4. Intelligence  D. Instead
 5. Reduce  E. Fake


  1. Replace = D. Instead
  2. Journalist = A. Writer
  3. Artificial = E. Fake
  4. Intelligence = B. Smarts
  5. Reduce = C. Less

True or False?

1. Microsoft is going to use robots for their news website. True

2. No journalists will lose their jobs. False

3. All Journalists think using robots is a great idea. False

4. People think the robots might choose the wrong stories. True

5. Many companies are trying similar things to Microsoft. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Microsoft is replacing its journalists.

2. Microsoft owns the news website MSN.

3. Microsoft is trying to reduce costs.

4. Companies want to reduce costs.

5. People are worried about losing their jobs.

Listening and Vocabulary

Anymore Pick Robots
Trying Stories Worried
  1. Robots
  2. Anymore
  3. Stories
  4. Pick
  5. Trying
  6. Worried


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Journalist  A. Smarts
 2. Artificial  B. Good fit.
 3. Intelligence  C. Writer
 4. Appropriate  D. Less
 5. Reduce  E. Fake


  1. Journalist = C. Writer
  2. Artificial = E. Fake
  3. Intelligence = A. Smarts
  4. Appropriate = B. Good fit.
  5. Reduce = D. Less

True or False?

1. Microsoft owns MSN which is a news television network. False

2. Microsoft pays other news companies to be able to use their stories. True

3. The majority of the journalists working at MSN will be laid-off in June. True

4. Microsoft is not certain artificial intelligence will work for choosing their stories. False

5. It is very easy to teach AI complicated tasks these days. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Microsoft owns the news website MSN.

2. MSN is a website that picks news stories.

3. Now, Microsoft is replacing its journalists.

4. About 50 journalists currently work for MSN.

5. Microsoft is trying to reduce costs.

Listening and Vocabulary

Currently Replaces Website
Fewer Real Complicated
  1. Website
  2. Currently
  3. Real
  4. Complicated
  5. Fewer
  6. Replaces


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Artificial A. Grouping
2. Aggregation B. Honesty
3. Lay-off C. Mistakenly
4. Curator D. Theorise
5. Integrity E. Fake
6. Editorial F. Unsupported
7. Speculate G. Fire
8. Erroneously H. Publishing
9. Unfounded I. Collector


  1. Artificial = E. Fake
  2. Aggregation = A. Grouping
  3. Lay-off = G. Fire
  4. Curator = I. Collector
  5. Integrity = B. Honesty
  6. Editorial = H. Publishing
  7. Speculate = D. Theorise
  8. Erroneously = C. Mistakenly
  9. Unfounded = F. Unsupported

True or False?

1. Microsoft will create 50 new jobs for journalists. False

2. Microsoft owns MSN, a popular TV network in China. False

3. An AI system will claim the majority of journalists’ jobs at MSN. True

4. Microsoft has said the move to AI is a result of the Covid-19 crisis. False

5. MSN writers normally create all their own original content. False

6. Microsoft pays other news outlets to use their stories on their website. False

7. Microsoft is the very first company to ever utilise “Robot Journalism”.  False

8. A small team of writers will remain at MSN. True

9. The AI systems are capable of writing more than 10,000 stories per month.  True

10. Local newspapers have financially struggled in the past. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Microsoft has announced that they plan to replace 50 of their journalists.

2. The plan is part of cost-cutting measures at MSN.

3. Microsoft pays websites for the right to use their stories.

4. A small team of journalists will remain at MSN.

5. They speculated that inappropriate stories may be erroneously posted.

Listening and Vocabulary

Capable Announced Posting
Measures Accidental Inappropriate
Local Majority Quality
  1.  Announced
  2. Measures
  3. Posting
  4. Majority
  5. Capable
  6. Local
  7. Quality
  8. Inappropriate
  9. Accidental