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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Difficult  A. Choice
 2. Lockdown  B. Open
 3. Type  C. Hard
 4. Reopening  D. Free
 5. Freedom  E. Closed


  1. Difficult = C. Hard
  2. Lockdown = E. Closed
  3. Type = A. Choice
  4. Reopening = B. Open
  5. Freedom = D. Free

True or False?

1.  Covid-19 has not been so difficult for many countries. False

2. Many restaurants have closed. True

3. Many countries have been completely locked down. True

4. France has been locked down for almost 6 months. False

5. People are worried about ending the lockdown too soon. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Covid-19 has been difficult for many countries.

2. Countries have had to close shops.

3. France has been locked down for two months.

4. There have been lockdowns around the world.

5. People will have more freedom.

Listening and Vocabulary

Starting Many Normal
Complete Ending Locked
  1. Many
  2. Complete
  3. Locked
  4. Starting
  5. Ending
  6. Normal


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Necessity  A. Change
 2. Affected  B. Plan
 3. Economy  C. Need
 4. Argument  D. Fight
 5. Strategy  E. Money


  1. Necessity = C. Need
  2. Affected = A. Change
  3. Economy = E. Money
  4. Argument = D. Fight
  5. Strategy = B. Plan

True or False?

1. Covid-19 has not been as difficult as people expected. False

2. Many countries are completely locked down. True

3. The lockdown started in Europe in early 2020. True

4. Many countries are not considering reopening.  False

5. Everyone agrees that it’s time to end lockdowns. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Covid-19 has been difficult for many countries.

2. France has been locked down for two months.

3. There have also been lockdowns around the world.

4. People want to start leaving their homes.

5. There are arguments between people.

Listening and Vocabulary

Starting Normal Difficult
Leaving Exactly Necessary
  1. Difficult
  2. Starting
  3. Leaving
  4. Normal
  5. Necessary
  6. Exactly


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Transitioning A. Early
2. Phase B. Viewer
3. Varied C. Split
4. Spectator D. Stage
5. Enforcing E. Make important.
6. Division F. Change
7. Prematurely G. Sudden occurrence.
8. Wave H. Force
9. Prioritise I. Options


  1. Transitioning = F. Change
  2. Phase = D. Stage
  3. Varied = I. Options
  4. Spectator = B. Viewer
  5. Enforcing = H. Force
  6. Division = C. Split
  7. Prematurely = A. Early
  8. Wave = G. Sudden occurrence.
  9. Prioritise = E. Make important.

True or False?

1. Many countries are transitioning into their next phase of the coronavirus crisis. True

2. Billions of people have had their lives go back to normal overnight. False

3. Most countries with a lockdown have told businesses to close. True

4. Four countries in Europe have announced plans to end their lockdowns. True

5. Although the lockdown in France is easing, people will still need to take a form with them everywhere they go. False

6.  Germany is allowing professional sports games to take place with full audiences. False

7.  The number of daily coronavirus cases and deaths in Europe has been decreasing. True

8. The US has decided to lengthen their lockdown another month. False

9. Democratic states in the US are mostly enforcing lockdown restrictions. True

10. Many people are uncomfortable with ending lockdowns too early. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Countries around the world are transitioning into a new phase.

2. Billions of people have been under lockdown restrictions.

3. There have been protests in the US against lockdowns in various states.

4. States which traditionally vote Democrat are enforcing stay at home orders.

5. The division has been fuelled by comments from President Trump.

Listening and Vocabulary

Relaxing Infections Around
Ordered Continue Announced
Fears Turned Damage
  1. Around
  2. Ordered
  3. Announced
  4. Infections
  5. Relaxing
  6. Turned
  7. Damage
  8. Fears
  9. Continue