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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Studio  A. Movie maker.
 2. Cinema  B. Make available.
 3. Release  C. Actions
 4. React  D. Make safe.
 5. Protect  E. Theatre


  1. Studio = A. Movie maker.
  2. Cinema = E. Theatre
  3. Release = B. Make available.
  4. React = C. Actions
  5. Protect = D. Make safe.

True or False?

1. Movie theatres are angry at movie studios.  True

2. Universal will only let their movies go to movie theatres. False

3. Some movies were released early.  True

4. Many movie theatres are closed now. True

5. “Trolls World Tour” did not make a lot of money.  False 

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Movie theatre companies have been very angry.

2. They are angry at the movie studio.

3. Universal let people buy their movies at home.

4. They are closed because of the coronavirus.

5. They are trying to protect their business.

Listening and Vocabulary

Angry Scared Shown
Release Closed News
  1. Angry
  2. Shown
  3. Closed
  4. Release
  5. News
  6. Scared


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Studio  A. Only
 2. Exclusive  B. Angry
 3. Encourage  C. Movie maker.
 4. Furious  D. Worried
 5. Nervous  E. Convince


  1. Studio = C. Movie maker.
  2. Exclusive = A. Only
  3. Encourage = E. Convince
  4. Furious = B. Angry
  5. Nervous = D. Worried

True or False?

1. Movie theatre companies are very happy right now. False

2. Universal has recently released their new movies in people’s homes. True

3. Trolls World Tour has not made a lot of money. False

4. For many years, movies have been released at home and at the theatre at the same time. False

5. Many movie theatre companies will no longer show Universal movies. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Movie theatre companies have been very angry.

2. This helps encourage people to go to movie theatres.

3. Movie theatre companies are now angry at Universal.

4. Universal released these movies at home.

5. They are trying to protect their business.

Listening and Vocabulary

Released Future Might
Protect Amount Companies
  1. Companies
  2. Released
  3. Amount
  4. Might
  5. Future
  6. Protect


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Franchise A. Usually
2. Streaming B. Work field.
3. Customarily C. Make money.
4. Simultaneously D. Grow
5. Industry E. Film series.
6. Expansion F. Only
7. Exclusivity G. At the same time.
8. Profitable H. Huge film.
9. Blockbuster I. Watching online.


  1. Franchise = E. Film series.
  2. Streaming = I. Watching online.
  3. Customarily = A. Usually
  4. Simultaneously = G. At the same time.
  5. Industry = B. Work field.
  6. Expansion = D. Grow
  7. Exclusivity = F. Only
  8. Profitable = C. Make money.
  9. Blockbuster = H. Huge film.

True or False?

1. Movie theatre chains have shown their gratitude to Universal’s recent decision. False 

2. Universal has released some very popular film franchises in the past. True

3. Universal started premiering their films for home viewing before Covid-19. False

4. Movie theatres have never had a window of exclusivity with the films they show.  False

5.  “Trolls World Tour” released at home and in cinemas at the same time. True

6. “Trolls World Tour” made less than $100,000 at movie theatres in its opening weekend. True

7. The home streaming sales for “Trolls World Tour” were not very successfulFalse

8. Universal will now release all future films in cinemas and for streaming on the same day. True

9. Movie theatres around the world welcome the expansion of home streaming. False

10. The film Scooby-Doo will not release in theatres. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Universal is known for film franchises such as Jurassic Park.

2. Customarily, movies are in theatres for around 90 days.

3. Universal’s next movie to release during the pandemic was “Trolls World Tour”.

4. In the US, the movie made $60,000 on its opening weekend.

5. Theatres have been desperate to maintain their exclusivity window.

Listening and Vocabulary

Streaming Original Viewing
Announced Stuck Damaged
Throughout Entirely Opening
  1. Announced
  2. Viewing
  3. Opening
  4. Original
  5. Throughout
  6. Damaged
  7. Entirely
  8. Stuck
  9. Streaming