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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Cure  A. Change
 2. Vaccine  B. Same
 3. Similar  C. Protects against disease.
 4. Switch  D. Ahead
 5. Head start  E. Make healthy.


  1. Cure = E. make healthy.
  2. Vaccine = C. protect against disease.
  3. Similar = B. Same
  4. Switch = A. Change
  5. Head start = D. Ahead

True or False?

1. Scientists at a hospital are studying the coronavirus. False

2. A vaccine protects people from diseases.  True

3. The scientists still do not think they have found a vaccine. False

4. The scientists can not test on humans yet. False

5. The scientists were studying similar viruses before. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. They have been trying to find a cure.

2. A cure for a virus is called a vaccine.

3. They have started to test the vaccine on humans.

4. This normally takes a very long time.

5. They are testing it on 800 people.

Listening and Vocabulary

Confirm Scientists Normally
Working Studying Testing
  1. Studying
  2. Working
  3. Scientists
  4. Normally
  5. Confirm
  6. Testing


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Vaccine  A. Unable to get a disease.
 2. Immune  B. Stage
 3. Potential  C. Skill
 4. Phase  D. Protects against disease.
 5. Technique  E. Possibilities


  1. Vaccine = D. Protects against disease.
  2. Immune = A. Unable to get a disease.
  3. Potential = E. Possibilities
  4. Phase = B. Stage
  5. Technique = C. Skill

True or False?

1. Scientists have been studying the coronavirus at a hospital. False

2. A vaccine makes people immune to a disease. True

3.  A vaccine will not allow life to go back to normal. False

4. The scientists have started to test the vaccine early. True

5.  This is the first coronavirus the scientists have tested. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. They have been trying to find a vaccine for the virus.

2. There have been a few potential vaccines.

3. They have started to test the vaccine.

4. Normally, potential vaccines take a long time.

5. They are using the same techniques.

Listening and Vocabulary

Disease Switch Testing
Potential Virus Scientist
  1. Disease
  2. Virus
  3. Potential
  4. Switch
  5. Scientist
  6. Testing


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Trial A. Insert
2. Consist B. Watch
3. Inject C. Beginning
4. Pharmaceutical D. Effects of medicine.
5. Initial E. Test
6. Monitor F. Make sure.
7. Side-effect G. Contain
8. Ensure H. Amount of medicine.
9. Dose I. Medicine


  1. Trial = E. Test
  2. Consist = G. Contain
  3. Inject = A. Insert
  4. Pharmaceutical = I. Medicine
  5. Initial = C. Beginning
  6. Monitor = B. Watch
  7. Side-effect = D. Effects of medicine.
  8. Ensure = F. Make sure.
  9. Dose = H. Amount of medicine.

True or False?

1. Scientists at a hospital in Oxford have been testing a potential  Covid-19 vaccine. True

2. 100% of the test subjects will receive the vaccine. False

3. The volunteers won’t know if they get the coronavirus vaccine or not. True

4. The researchers were testing similar viruses before.  True

5.  The vaccine could be made available within 2 months. False

6. The manufacturing process has begun before the testing is complete. True

7.  The scientists at Oxford say they could have more than 2 million vaccines ready by September. False

8.  The leader of the Oxford University team said she is 100% confident in the vaccine. False

9. A larger test of 5,000 volunteers will be done if the first one is successful. True

10.  Professor Gilbert said it is her job to decide who gets the vaccine first. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The trial will consist of around 1,110 test subjects.

2. The volunteers will not know which vaccine they receive.

3. The vaccine has gone to human trials incredibly quickly.

4. This technique is occasionally seen outside of times of crisis.

5. The initial volunteers are going to be monitored very closely.

Listening and Vocabulary

Considerably Vaccine Utilise
Raised Manufacturing Potential
Demonstrate Volunteers Length
  1. Potential
  2. Utilise
  3. Considerably
  4. Length
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Demonstrate
  7. Vaccine
  8. Volunteers
  9. Raised