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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Concern  A. See differences.
 2. Comparing  B. Find
 3. Apocalypse  C. Worry
 4. Supplies  D. World ending.
 5. Discovery  E.  Needed things.


  1. Concern = C. Worry
  2. Comparing = A. See differences.
  3. Apocalypse D. World ending.
  4. Supplies = E. Needed things.
  5. Discovery = B. Find

True or False?

1.  Only a few countries have changed because of the coronavirus. False

2. More than a billion people are now staying at home. True

3. Some people have lost their jobs. True

4. No events have been cancelled yet. False

5. The virus started in the U.S. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The coronavirus has changed almost every country.

2. Many people are working from home.

3. The virus is now the biggest concern.

4. Events have been cancelled around the world.

5. The virus started in China.

Listening and Vocabulary

Cancelled Losing Every
Mostly Areas Time
  1. Every
  2. Losing
  3. Cancelled
  4. Areas
  5. Mostly
  6. Time


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Lockdown  A. Extreme
 2. Drastically  B. World end.
 3. Delay  C. Fear
 4. Apocalypse  D. Isolated
 5. Panic  E. Make late.


  1. Lockdown = D. Isolated
  2. Drastically = A. Extreme
  3. Delay = E. Make late.
  4. Apocalypse = B. World end.
  5. Panic = C. Fear

True or False?

1. Covid-19 has changed most countries around the world. True

2. Some countries are locked down to stop the virus. True

3. Less than a billion people have been told to stay at home. False

4. The Olympics will still take place in 2020. False

5. Panic buying has made some places run out of food. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Many people have started working from home.

2. At least 3.28 million Americans lost their jobs.

3. The virus is now the biggest concern for every country.

4. Even the Olympics has been delayed.

5. Around the world streets are empty.

Listening and Vocabulary

Completely Desperately Uncertain
Apocalyptic Cancelled Losing
  1. Desperately
  2. Losing
  3. Cancelled
  4. Apocalyptic
  5. Completely
  6. Uncertain


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Infiltrate A. Severe
2. Lockdown B. Stop
3. Stave C. Quarantine
4. Cease D. Affect
5. Vary E. Positive
6. Grip F. Gain access
7. Stark G. Crowding
8. Congestion H. Avoid
9. Silver Lining I. Be different


  1. Infiltrate = F. Gain access.
  2. Lockdown = C. Quarantine
  3. Stave = H. Avoid
  4. Cease = B. Stop
  5. Vary = I. Be different
  6. Grip = D. Affect
  7. Stark = A. Severe
  8. Congestion = G. Crowding
  9. Silver Lining = E. Positive

True or False?

1. More than one-third of the world’s population is under lockdown.  True

2. Essential workers can leave their homes. True

3. People cannot leave their homes at all if they are not essential workers. False

4. The virus is badly affecting the world economy. True

5. More than 3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits. True

6. South Korea has been very successful with testing for the virus. True

7. Netflix has improved the quality of it’s video during the pandemic. False

8. Kore has been testing less than 5,000 people a day. False

9.  The US may be the next hardest hit place by the virus. True

10.  The Olympics will still take place in 2020. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. In Europe, daily life has almost ceased completely.

2. People are only allowed to leave their homes for specific reasons.

3. The news caused shock throughout the world economy.

4. The response from some governments has been excellent.

5. This is in stark contrast to western countries.

Listening and Vocabulary

Healthcare Unemployment Western
Unexpected Severely Affected
Criticised Prevention Sentiment
  1. Affected
  2. Healthcare
  3. Unemployment
  4. Western
  5. Prevention
  6. Sentiment
  7. Criticised
  8. Severely
  9. Unexpected