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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Director  A. Special
 2. Original  B. Film script.
 3. Screenplay  C. Knowing
 4. Foreign  D. Boss of a movie.
 5. Aware  E.  Different country.


  1. Director = D. Boss of a movie.
  2. Original = A. Special
  3. Screenplay = B. Film script.
  4. Foreign = E. Different country.
  5. Aware = C. Knowing

True or False?

1.  A Russian film has won four Oscars. False

2. The film won for Best Director. True

3. The film is called Parasite. True

4.  Everyone knew Parasite would win Best Picture. False

5. Not many Korean films have been popular in other countries. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. A Korean movie has won four Oscars.

2. It is the most important award show.

3. Parasite has won many awards.

4. Best Picture is the most important Oscar.

5. There are many Korean movies.

Listening and Vocabulary

Awards Directed Important
Interested Popular Language
  1. Important
  2. Directed
  3. Awards
  4. Language
  5. Popular
  6. Interested


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Screenplay  A. Different country.
 2. Foreign  B. Various
 3. Prestigious  C. Option
 4. Diverse  D. Film script.
 5. Nominated  E. Respected


  1. Screenplay = D. Film script.
  2. Foreign = A. Different country.
  3. Prestigious = E. Respected
  4. Diverse = B. Various
  5. Nominated = C. Option

True or False?

1. A Korean movie has won two Oscars. False

2. Parasite has won very few awards. False

3. Parasite is an original screenplay. True

4. Many people knew Parasite would win. False

5. People think the Oscars has not been diverse enough. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The Oscars is the most important award show.

2. The movie that wins Best Picture gets a lot of attention.

3. Not many people thought that Parasite could win.

4. There has been a lot of criticism of the Oscars.

5. People think they have not been diverse enough.

Listening and Vocabulary

Directed Criticism Popular
Awards History Interested
  1. Directed
  2. Awards
  3. Popular
  4. History
  5. Criticism
  6. Interested


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Prestigious A. Captioned
2. Caucasian B. White
3. Scrutiny C. Criticism
4. Condemnation D. Compared.
5. Breakthrough E. Respected
6. Subtitled F. Give light.
7. Shone G. Development
8. Relatively H. Show
9. Expose I. Inspection


  1. Prestigious = E. Respected
  2. Caucasian = B. White
  3. Scrutiny = I. Inspection
  4. Condemnation = C. Criticism
  5. Breakthrough = G. Development
  6. Subtitled = A. Captioned
  7. Shone = F. Give light.
  8. Relatively = D. Compared
  9. Expose = H. Show

True or False?

1.  The German movie Parasite has won four Oscars. False

2.  Parasite has made history at the Oscars. True

3. Many people did not expect Parasite to win Best Picture. True

4. Diversity has rarely been an issue at the Oscars. False

5. The 88th Academy Awards were celebrated for their diversity.  False

6. The Oscars have been under a lot of scrutiny every year. True

7. The Academy has done nothing to be more diverse. False

8. The 2020 Oscars were criticised for a lack of female director nominations. True

9. Parasite has not prompted interest in Korean cinema. False

10. A wider range of people are being exposed to Bong Joon Ho’s films. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. The Korean movie Parasite has won four Oscars.

2. The win comes after years of controversy regarding diversity.

3. Every actor and actress Oscar nomination was Caucasian.

4. The Academy has worked to try and increase the diversity.

5. There has been some success for Korean movies.

Listening and Vocabulary

Disapproval Announced Directed
Nominated Diversity Range
Cinema Membership Particularly
  1. Directed
  2. Nominated
  3. Diversity
  4. Announced
  5. Membership
  6. Disapproval
  7. Particularly
  8. Cinema
  9. Range