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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Wireless  A. Make modern.
 2. Brand  B. No wires.
 3. Update  C. Use again.
 4. Recycle  D. Use pieces for something new.
 5. Reuse  E.  Company name.
  1. Wireless = B. No wires.
  2. Brand = E. Company name.
  3. Update = A. Make modern.
  4. Recycle = D. Use pieces for something new.
  5. Reuse = Use again.

True or False?

1.  Sonos is a computer company. False

2. Sonos creates systems for the whole house. True

3. If the speakers don’t get updates, they will not work. True

4. People are not angry at the wireless speaker company. False

5. If the speaker uses “Recycle Mode”, it can still be used. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Sonos is a wireless speaker company.

2. Sonos created wireless speaker systems.

3. This means they will not work in the future.

4. They need updates to continue working.

5. Reusing things is better for the earth.

Listening and Vocabulary

Earth Easily Means
Angry Used Speaker
  1. Speaker
  2. Easily
  3. Means
  4. Angry
  5. Used
  6. Earth


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Wireless  A. In the end
 2. Eventually  B. Sale
 3. Mode  C. Start
 4. Activate  D. Option
 5. Discount  E. Cordless


  1. Wireless = E. Cordless
  2. Eventually = A. In the end.
  3. Mode = D. Option
  4. Activate = C. Start
  5. Discount = B. Sale

True or False?

1. Sonos is a smart watch company. False

2. Sonos makes speaker systems for the house. True

3. It is easy to replace Sonos home speaker systems. False

4. People expect to replace speaker systems every few years. False

5. Sonos is offering a discount to recycle your old speaker. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Sonos is a wireless speaker company.

2. Sonos created wireless speaker systems for the whole house.

3. This means they will eventually stop working.

4. They need updates to continue working.

5. Traditional music systems can be used for decades.

Listening and Vocabulary

Expect Wireless Environment
Device Eventually Decades
  1. Wireless
  2. Eventually
  3. Expect
  4. Decades
  5. Device
  6. Environment


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Under fire A. Become
2. Render B. Negative reaction.
3. Remodel C. Feasibility
4. Viability D. Withdraw
5. Amplifier E. Oppositely
6. Vice-versa F. Criticised
7. Backlash G. Increased volume.
8. Retract H. Cheer up.
9. Reassure I. Change structure.


  1. Under Fire = F. Criticised
  2. Render = A. Become
  3. Remodel = I. Change structure.
  4. Viability = C. Feasibility
  5. Amplifier = G. Increased volume.
  6. Vice-versa = E. Oppositely.
  7. Backlash = B. Negative reaction.
  8. Retract = D. Withdraw

True or False?

1.  Sonos will no longer support older products. True

2.  Sonos was the third company to ever provide a system to play music in every room of a house. False

3. Many people are very happy with the company Sonos. False

4. The new updates will make the products unusable. True

5. Sonos products are easily removed and replaced from a home.  False

6. Smart homes are not viable if they cannot last decades. True

7. Traditional speakers do not last decades. False

8. Sonos has not offered their customers a discount to recycle their products.  False

9. The products are still usable when switched to “Recycle Mode”. False

10. The CEO of Sonos has apologised. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. There has been widespread anger from Sonos customers.

2. Sonos was one of the first home wireless speaker companies.

3. Sonos customers are upset at the company’s decision.

4. The backlash caused the CEO of Sonos to apologise.

5. The CEO attempted to reassure customers that their products would not stop working.

Listening and Vocabulary

Estimate Decades Eventually
Widespread Traditional Apologies
Discount Nature Unnecessarily
  1. Widespread
  2. Eventually
  3. Nature
  4. Decades
  5. Traditional
  6. Discount
  7. Unnecessarily
  8. Apologies
  9. Estimate