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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Host  A. Very sad
 2. Shame  B. Medicine
 3. Depressed  C. Hospitals
 4. Healthcare  D. Presenter
 5. Medical  E. Embarrass


  1. Host = D. Presenter
  2. Shame = E. Embarrass
  3. Depressed = A. Very sad.
  4. Healthcare = C. Hospitals
  5. Medical = B. Medicine

True or False?

1. Both TV hosts are from America. False

2. Eating too much food is a problem for some people. True

3. Depression can make people fat. True

4. Fat-shaming works for some people. True

5. Everyone agrees that fat-shaming is good. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. He said it will make them lose weight.

2. One is American and one is British.

3. Eating too much makes people gain weight.

4. He said people would have cheaper medical bills.

5. Others say it made them more unhealthy.

Listening and Vocabulary

Depressed Complain Bad
Bills Talking Host
  1. Host
  2. Depressed
  3. Complain
  4. Bad
  5. Bills
  6. Talking


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Shaming A. Return
 2. Comeback B. Destroy
 3. Depressed C. Very sad
 4. Destructive D. Problem
 5. Disorder E. Embarrass


  1. Shaming = E. Embarrass
  2. Comeback = A. Return
  3. Depressed = C. Very sad.
  4. Destructive = B. Destroy
  5. Disorder = D. Problem

True or False?

1.  People are arguing about fat-shaming. True

2. Fat-shaming cannot make people depressed. False

3. Healthcare in America is expensive. True

4. A baseball player thinks fat-shaming helped him. True

5. The hosts are both American.  False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Two TV hosts in the US are debating fat-shaming.

2. The British host said that fat-shaming can make people depressed.

3. An ex-baseball player said that fat-shaming made him get healthier.

4. He lost weight but in an unhealthy way.

5. Many people have been debating this topic on Twitter.

Listening and Vocabulary

Topic Disorder Hosts
Healthier Lose Overeating
  1. Hosts
  2. Lose
  3. Overeating
  4. Healthier
  5. Disorder
  6. Topic


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Conveyed A. Argument
2. Monologue B. Section
3. Segment C. Grow
4. Self-destructive D. Blame
5. Row E. Speech
6. Atypical F. Position
7. Stance G. Damaging oneself.
8. Scapegoat H. Not normal.
9. Cultivate I. Express


  1. Conveyed = I. Express
  2. Monologue = E. Speech
  3. Segment = B. Section
  4. Self-destructive = G. Damaging oneself.
  5. Row = A. Argument
  6. Atypical = H. Not normal.
  7. Stance = F. Position
  8. Scapegoat = D. Blame
  9. Cultivate = C. Grow

True or False?

1. The debate was started by Bill Maher and James Corden. True

2. Bill Maher believes that people eat unhealthily. True

3. Healthcare in the US is too expensive. True

4. James Corden agrees with Bill Maher. False

5. James Corden believes obesity is not always a choice. True

6. A retired baseball player believes fat-shaming harmed him. False

7. Some people find comfort in overeating. True

8. Overeating is one main reason why American healthcare is so expensive. False

9. Depression does not change people’s behaviour. False

10. Some people believe Maher is ignoring the real problem. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. A debate about fat-shaming has broken out.

2. Bill Maher recently conveyed his controversial views.

3. Maher believes fat-shaming would motivate people to lose weight.

4. There has also been criticism of Maher’s stance.

5. People are continuing to discuss their views.

Listening and Vocabulary

Society Positive Controversial
Motivate Disorder Reasoned
Overweight Influence Behaviour
  1. Controversial
  2. Reasoned
  3. Motivate
  4. Influence
  5. Behaviour
  6. Positive
  7. Disorder
  8. Overweight
  9. Society