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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Shocked  A. Kill yourself.
 2. Suicide  B. Strong
 3. Commit  C. Proof
 4. Powerful  D. To do.
 5. Evidence  E. Surprised


  1. Shocked = E. Surprised
  2. Suicide = A. Kill yourself.
  3. Commit = D. To do.
  4. Powerful = B. Strong
  5. Evidence = C. Proof

True or False?

1. Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire. True

2. Epstein almost died but he’s still alive. False

3. People are not surprised he died. False

4. Some people didn’t want him to talk to the police. True

5. Epstein didn’t talk to people who did bad things. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. He was also a criminal.

2. He was in prison when he died.

3. People think he might have been killed.

4. He knew many people.

5. They think he was killed.

Listening and Vocabulary

Closely Police Death
Killed Criminal Bad
  1. Criminal
  2. Closely
  3. Death
  4. Bad
  5. Killed
  6. Police

Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Trial A. Punisher
 2. Report B. Possibly untrue story.
 3. Prosecutor C. Judgement
 4. Rumoured D. Proof
 5. Evidence E. To tell what happened.


  1. Trial = C. Judgement
  2. Report = E. To tell what happened.
  3. Prosecutor = A. Punisher
  4. Rumoured = B. Possible untrue story.
  5. Evidence = D. Proof

True or False?

1. Jeffrey Epstein was a trillionaire. False

2. He was at home waiting for his trial. False

3. He tried to kill himself in July 2019. True

4. People know that Epstein definitely committed suicide. False

5. Epstein knew many rich and powerful people. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. He was in prison waiting for his trial.

2. He tried to commit suicide.

3. People are shocked that he died.

4. He should have been watched.

5. It is rumoured that there is evidence.

Listening and Vocabulary

Evidence Prison Himself
Helped Death Terrible
  1. Prison
  2. Himself
  3. Death
  4. Helped
  5. Terrible
  6. Evidence

Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Slew A. Surprise search.
2. Preferential B. Horrified
3. Trafficking C. Widespread
4. Raid D. Illegal trade.
5. Implicate E. Tied
6. Appalled F. Extortion
7. Rampant G. A group.
8. Blackmail H. Involve in crime.
9. Strapped I. Prefer


  1. Slew = G. A group.
  2. Preferential = I. Prefer
  3. Trafficking = D. Illegal trade.
  4. Raid = A. Surprise search.
  5. Implicate = H. Involve in crime.
  6. Appalled = B. Horrified
  7. Rampant = C. Widespread
  8. Blackmail = F. Extortion
  9. Strapped = E. Tied

True or False?

1. Jeffrey was awaiting trial at home when he died. False

2. He was convicted of crimes in 2008. True

3.  Epstein never for special treatment while in prison. False

4.  In July 2019, Epstein’s office was raided. False

5. The attorney general of the U.S. is appalled at the situation. True

6. Epstein was never put on suicide watch. False

7. Epstein didn’t know many powerful people. False

8. There is no way Epstein could have killed himself without help. True

9. Epstein was in the least secure place in the world. False

10. The prison holds some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. True

Unscramble the sentence!

1. He was in prison awaiting trial for a slew of criminal allegations.

2. Epstein was first convicted of sex crimes.

3. Epstein was given a short prison sentence and preferential treatment.

4. It was suggested that he could have been attacked.

5. There are many questionable factors in Epstein’s death.

Listening and Vocabulary

Denied Speculation Circumstances
Suicide Treatment Evidence
Information Activity Cell
  1. Activity
  2. Treatment
  3. Denied
  4. Cell
  5. Circumstances
  6. Evidence
  7. Information
  8. Suicide
  9. Speculation