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Level 1

Match the Synonym!

 1. Trade  A. Power
 2. Peace  B. Having the same opinion.
 3. Product  C. Swap
 4. Control  D. An object for sale.
 5. Agree  E. No fighting.


  1. Trade = C. Swap
  2. Peace = E. No fighting.
  3. Product = D. An object for sale.
  4. Control = A. Power
  5. Agree = B. Having the same opinion.

True or False?

1. Korea controlled Japan in World War II. False

2. Japan paid Korea $800 million. True

3. Korea and Japan are fighting. True

4. The Korean court told the Japanese government to pay money. False

5. Korea has stopped sending products to Japan. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Korea and Japan are fighting over trade.

2. Japan has stopped sending some products to Korea.

3. This agreement made peace.

4. Japan gave Korea $800 million.

5. Japan says they already paid.

Listening and Vocabulary

Fight Agreement Korea
Japan Trade Money
  1. Trade
  2. Korea
  3. Fight
  4. Agreement
  5. Money
  6. Japan


Level 2

Match the Synonym!

 1. Strained A. An Agreement.
 2. Dispute B. Pay money.
 3. Compensate C. Finances
 4. Treaty D. Uncomfortable
 5. Economic E. Argument


  1. Strained = D. Uncomfortable
  2. Dispute = E. Argument
  3. Compensate = B. Pay money.
  4. Treaty = A. An agreement.
  5. Economic = C. Finances

True or False?

1. Korea has stopped sending some materials to Japan. False

2. A Korean court wants a Japanese company to pay money. True

3. Japan paid Koreans to work for them. False

4. Japan gave Korea money during the treaty. True

5. The Korean victims have now been paid all the money they need. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. Korea and Japan’s relationship has become strained.

2. This angered the Japanese government.

3. Japan controlled Korea from 1910-1945.

4. The treaty brought peace and trade agreements.

5. The documents showed that Korea asked for $364 million.

Listening and Vocabulary

Growth Relationship Controlled
Compensate Treaty Peace
  1. Relationship
  2. Controlled
  3. Peace
  4. Treaty
  5. Compensate
  6. Growth


Level 3

Match the Synonym!

1. Erupt A. Accusation
2. Stemming B. Explain
3. Overseeing C. Originate
4. Allegation D. Disappear
5. Compensate E. Agreement
6. Treaty F. Supervise
7. Stipulate G. Elevate
8. Escalate H. Break out.
9. Dissipate I. Pay back.


  1. Erupt = H. Break out.
  2. Stemming = Originate
  3. Overseeing = F. Supervise
  4. Allegation = A. Accusation
  5. Compensate = I. Pay back.
  6. Treaty = E. Agreement
  7. Stipulate = B. Explain
  8. Escalate = G. Elevate
  9. Dissipate = D. Disappear

True or False?

1. Korea is refusing to send vital materials to Japan. False

2. Japan occupied Korea during the first world war. True

3. The materials that Japan is withholding is used to make smartphones. True

4. Japan has said they have security concerns about sending the materials.  True

5. A Korean court has said Japanese citizens are owed $89,000 each. False

6. The 1965 treaty brought peace between the countries. True

7. The treaty officially stated that the money was meant to compensate the victims. False

8. In 1965, Japan refused to compensate the victims. False

9. There is no official record of all the Korean victims of WWII. True

10. The Prime Minister has refused to send offerings to a controversial war shrine. False

Unscramble the sentence!

1. A trade dispute has erupted between Korea and Japan

2. This was a targeted move as Korea needs these materials

3. Japan’s official reason has been concerns over security.

4. Korea has denied all of these allegations.

5. Japan agreed and offered to compensate the victims.

Listening and Vocabulary

Discussions Restrict Angered
Concerns Labour Responsibility
Indicated Shrine Development
  1. Restrict
  2. Concerns
  3. Angered
  4. Labour
  5. Development
  6. Indicated
  7. Responsibility
  8. Shrine
  9. Discussions